MAN Genuine Parts

MAN Genuine Parts are always the first choice.

Whoever opts for MAN, chooses excellent quality. So, why should you be satisfied with less when it comes to replacement parts? With MAN Genuine Parts, you know you’re dealing with superior quality. They are manufactured in accordance with MAN guidelines

and inspected carefully to ensure that they comply with our strict quality standards. They also guarantee maximum reliability and economy. Furthermore, they come with a 24-month warranty that is valid worldwide. That is quality you can count on.

Parts logistics just in time.

To keep downtimes as short as possible in the event of damage, an average of over 8,000 genuine parts are in stock in MAN service centres – also for older models and special vehicles. 95% of all unavailable special parts are quickly supplied overnight by the European Logistic Center (ELC) established by MAN. Optimum logistics processes mean you profit from improved order acceptance and delivery times, as well as shorter downtimes in workshops.

The benefits:

  • State-of-the-art MAN Genuine Parts
  • MAN quality thanks to latest technology
  • Worldwide Genuine Parts warranty
  • Parts stocked for all MAN vehicle models – also for older models and special vehicles
  • Parts supplied overnight by the European Logistic Center

Two year warranty for MAN service and parts

From 2017, MAN Truck & Bus AG’s two year warranty applies to all repairs carried out1 in MAN service outlets,2 and includes original MAN parts installed during repairs, original MAN ecoline parts and original MAN accessories. The service level is identical to the previously existing one year warranty that has been applicable until now. Additional information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.

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Go all the way.
With MAN Genuine Parts kits.

What's the most expensive thing about a vehicle? When it's not working. To keep this time to a mini­mum or to avoid it altogether, you need the right strategy for maximum efficiency.

We're working on this - from every angle - and using networked intelligent services along with products that are perfectly coordinated with each other. An excellent example is MAN Genuine Parts kits. When repairs be­come necessary, it's usually a good idea to replace an entire unit. This includes the peripheral parts that need to be replaced at the same time.

The resulting cost may be high in the short term, but the extra parts would cost more if purchased separately, and in the long term, you can save significantly by preventing additional trips to the workshop. Using MAN Genuine Parts kits also shortens the time needed for repairs and optimizes the availability of spare parts.

The portfolio of MAN Genuine Parts kits currently includes 5 component groups, that make up a total package.

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