MAN Driver Promotion 2019


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  • Offers designed especially for drivers
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MAN Driver Promotion 2019

We are what we drive!

Top promotional offers for the heroes on the road.

With our new promotion designed especially for drivers, we provide you with top offers at attractive conditions to make your job safer and more comfortable.

But since we know that comfort and safety are not the only things that matter, we also have plenty of special offers in other categories to make sure that you and your truck are always a real eye-catcher on road.

From 1 November to 31 December 2019 we have products from the following categories on sale:

  • Safety: Our eyes need to be everywhere. Just like us.
  • Comfort: Life on the road can be tough, but it's comfortable.
  • Truck Styling: Style is not just about what we wear: sometimes, it's about what we attach.
  • Merchandise: We are proud of what drives us.

And as part of the promotion, we are also introducing the current MAN ProfiDrive® modules and their benefits.

To place and order or get more information about our offers, please visit your nearest MAN service outlet – we are looking forward to assisting you!


LED spotlight lamps

Optimum visibility at all times – while saving energy: MAN Genuine spotlights improve safety. LED technology provides especially bright light and high efficiency, is durable, and state-of-the-art.

Promotional price: € 49.00

Decorative film “Silver fire lion”

A tough look with a personal touch: With this new MAN Genuine decorative film set you are guaranteed to make an unrivalled impression, refine the overall look of your vehicle, and make it a real eye-catcher. The set consists of two lion-shaped decorative films in silver-white.

Promotional price: € 519.00

LED Rear lights

Quality from front to back: The LED rear lights offer an appealing design and energy-efficient LED technology. They are available for all MAN trucks of the TG series. For vehicles with liftgates, we offer a separate version with cable connection.

Promotional price: from € 270.00

Lockable fuel cap

Fuel theft protection at all times: A lockable fuel cap is a sensible addition to any vehicle.

Promotional price: from € 44.00

Radiator grille with new logo

Exquisite and high-quality: The new MAN logo shows the MAN lion on a high-gloss background and is the perfect upgrade for any radiator grille.

Promotional price: from € 580.00

MAN BirdView: 360° camera system

Four eyes see more, four cameras see everything: MAN 360° BirdView is a powerful HD-TVI environment detection system. It guarantees an optimal, high-resolution all-around view and is worth its weight in gold when it comes to difficult manoeuvres and making safe turns.

Four HD cameras with wide-angle lenses record the surroundings of the vehicle from a bird's eye view, which means that even blind spots are easy too see.


  • Suitable for TG and bus models
  • Only solo vehicles (not trailers or semitrailers)
  • Fixed installation required
  • Maximum vehicle length 14 m
  • Maximum machining width 2.6 m
  • Vehicle height (camera height): maximum 4 m
  • Camera resolution: 1,280 x 720 px
  • Optional accessories: Video recorder

Promotional price: € 2,050.00

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