MAN Lion Parts & Service campaigns

MAN Lion Parts & Service campaigns

MAN Genuine Parts & Service packages at lion-strong prices.

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MAN Lion Parts & Service campaigns

As part of our MAN Lion Parts & Service campaigns, we regularly offer you specially selected MAN Genuine Parts and Service packages throughout the year, meaning you can benefit from the usual lion-strong quality at even more attractive prices.

The contents of these campaigns are completely customised to your current needs.

The “MAN Lion Parts” always have a term of one month and contain MAN Genuine Parts to suit the season and the requirements of your vehicles – may it be trucks, buses or transporters.

MAN Lion Parts benefits:

  • Attractive conditions
  • Seasonally tailored offers
  • Comfort and safety on the road
  • Best quality and optimal functionality
  • Perfect for you and your MAN

The “MAN Lion Service” always has a term of three months at a time and offers interesting workshop packages. Benefit from cost-efficient package prices by combining selected MAN Genuine Parts with the corresponding MAN Services.

MAN Lion Service benefits:

  • Professional installation by your MAN Service
  • Efficiency in every detail
  • Utmost reliability and quality
  • Best customer care by your MAN Service
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness & functionality

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MAN Lion Service

Campaign period: 01/11/2020 – 31/01/2021

Let there be light! Exactly when and where you need it.

Bright – brighter – MAN Genuine Spotlights.

MAN Genuine Spotlights with LED technology are state of the art. This is what you get: extra bright light, optimum visual conditions, maximum energy efficiency, long service life – in brief, more safety and improved operational quality. In addition, the high protection class is the guarantee for these MAN Genuine parts being extremely robust. In other words: MAN Genuine Spotlights brave the toughest outdoor conditions! Ideal for all your requirements: three different luminosities (1,200, 2,000, 3,000 lumen) – each for close-range or long-distance illumination – provide you reliably with the right amount of light.

Conversion/retrofitting of spotlights

The benefits at a glance:

  • Minimum energy requirement with maximum illumination and light output
  • Resistant, long-life LED technology
  • Waterproof, scratch and UV light resistant
  • Integrated Lear connector and holder*
  • Installation incl. assembly

* Exception: LED spotlight with ECE-R23 approval as reversing light

MAN Service conversion LED spotlights for trucks Price upon request

MAN Service retrofitting LED spotlights for vans from €1,599.00

Be sure that everything works perfectly.

Avoid any risk from the outset.

In adverse external conditions, your vehicle is exposed to extreme strains every day. Accordingly, you want to be sure that all components are reliably doing their job, so you can guarantee delivery dates, driver safety, as well as the safety of other road users. The faultless function of your lighting system is particularly important, especially in the darker months of the year. Be proactive! Make an appointment with MAN Service and have a MAN light and vision test carried out – competently, straightforwardly and fast. Our service employees offer in-person and comprehensive advice, and spare parts are installed quickly and accurately. In short: We make sure you will get maximum safety and cost-effectiveness by combining our high-quality lighting components with MAN Service – at a very reasonable price.

MAN professional check “Light”

All services at a glance:

  • Testing of lighting system
  • Headlight setting check and adjustment, if required

€ 10.00

MAN professional check “Light & Safety”

All services at a glance:

  • Testing of lighting system
  • Headlight setting check and adjustment, if required
  • Filling the water tank of the wiper system
  • Replacement of wiper blades
  • Assembly, excluding spare parts

€ 58.00

MAN professional check “Complete winter package”

All services at a glance:

  • Testing of lighting system
  • Headlight setting check and adjustment, if required
  • Checking the minimum concentration for frost and corrosion protection
  • Frost-proofing the windscreen wiper and headlight cleaning system
  • Checking the condition and function of the auxiliary heater
  • Checking the door lock cylinder
  • Checking the battery charge level
  • Checking condition of the tyres
  • Dewatering the fuel pre-filter
  • Dewatering the fuel tank
  • Checking the flame-start system

€ 129.00

A system for reliably secured loads.

You and your freight will arrive safely.

It’s a truism that lashing straps make it possible to secure loads. However, not attached correctly, the load distribution and the centre of gravity in the vehicle are suboptimal for safe transport. This can cause risks for cargo, passengers, and fellow road users. Take precautions! MAN Genuine transport securing systems are well thought-out down to the last detail and highly flexible, ensuring that cargo is firmly and securely fixed in place in every mission. We offer you two solutions to ensure your cargo will not be a burden.

MAN Service Retrofit tool box for securing loads

The benefits at a glance:

  • All tools at hand, compactly packaged
  • Custom-fit for every TGE model
  • Absolute safety even in emergency braking and evasive manoeuvres

Tool box contents at a glance:

  • Ratchet and fixing straps
  • Edge protection sleeves
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Brochure with examples and load distribution plan. You can easily determine the centre of gravity of the load, ensuring transport according to legal requirements.
  • Installation incl. assembly

€ 165.00

MAN Service Retrofit all-inclusive transport safety package

The benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum safety for cargo and passengers
  • Precisely aligned components
  • Flexibility for every transport requirement

Package contents at a glance:

  • 3 x Prosafe system nets (1,400 x 1,025 mm; 1,775 x 1,150 mm and 2,275 x 1,650 mm)
  • 1 x pole KIM 44 with a length of 1,250 – 2,100 mm
  • 4 x universal hooks for airline rail
  • 1 x tension belt with ratchet turnbuckle
  • 1 x tool box for securing loads with wall bracket
  • All items also available separately
  • Installation incl. assembly

€ 1,199.00

Promotional prices valid only at participating MAN service outlets from 01/11/2020 until 31/01/2021. Prices exclude statutory VAT and deposit where applicable. All offers are available only while stocks last.

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