Indicator light, side

The white side indicator light can be fitted as a replacement for the standard orange side indicator light. The white indicator light provides a brighter light and gives the truck a special look and glow. From the MJ 2020 truck onwards, you can get particularly attractive side LED indicators with the MAN lettering.

Indicator light, side, white
LED indicator light on the side with MAN branding

Your benefits

  1. Provides a special look
  2. Provides brighter light / more visibility than orange flashing light

Item number Designation Suitable for
81.25320-6125 MAN Indicator light, right TGL and TGM from MY 2020 with TM or TN cab; all TGS and TGX from MY 2020
81.25320-6127 MAN indicator light, left
81.25320-6130 Indicator light, side, white All TGS and TGX

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