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  • Unique knowledge of the sector and of industrial vehicles
  • Access to first class products and a complete appropriate financial solution for each product
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MAN Financial Services financial solutions

When buying a MAN truck or bus, you are choosing the technological brand par excellence in the industrial vehicles sector. Quality, innovative technology and customer orientation are the basis for innovative and ecological transport solutions, in a wide range of industrial sectors and transport activities.

MAN Financial Services systematically expands its added value chain to include all the solutions that make our company your best financial partner to the acquisition of a new MAN vehicle.

Unique knowledge of the sector and of industrial vehicles

MAN Financial Services is part of MAN Group, which means that we have an advantage over other financial services entities: a perfect knowledge and understanding of our customers’ needs in the different industrial sectors, and a great knowledge and experience about the assets we finance, whether it’s a truck or a bus. For that reason, we can provide financial solutions customized to your requests.

MAN Financial Service Leasing

Bluntly: a single point of customer service

With MAN, not only you have access to first class products, but also to a complete appropriate financial solution for each product. With MAN Financial Services, the decisions are taken bluntly: it saves time, avoids delays and prevents any possible inconvenience. These are decisive advantages in such a competitive field.

With competitive prices, a single and transparent process and a first class customer services, your projects will be easily and economically executed.

Financial solutions in which you can trust and that bring added value. In conclusion: your transport solutions become efficient.

Efficient Transport. Financed by MAN.

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