360° BirdView Camera System

The MAN 360° BirdView camera system is a high performance HD-TVI surround monitoring system. With the high resolution surround monitoring MAN BirdView guarantees best possible view in difficult manoeuvring situations and more safety when cornering. The system, consisting of four HD-cameras with wide-angle lenses, provides high resolution recordings around the vehicle from a bird’s-eye view. This makes the entire vehicle environment with all its blind spots seamless visual.


After the initial assembly, a calibration of the system to the specific installation is necessary. Calibration is carried out with the calibration set also offered by MAN. The calibration software is supplied on the SD card included in the set.


  • Suitable for all TG trucks and all buses:
  • Solo vehicle (no trailer or semi-trailer)
  • Fixed body work
  • Maximum vehicle length: 14 m
  • Maximum vehicle width: 2.6 m
  • Vehicle height (height of cameras): min. 1.5 m, max. 4 m
  • Camera resolution: 1280 x 720 px
  • Optionally: Available video recorder

Part numbers

  • U1.28210-6015 BirdView 360°Camera System
  • U1.28210-6019 Calibration Set
  • U1.28210-6018 Video Recorder

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