Back-up Camera System

Back-up Camera System

Due to their design and size, the immediate area around trucks are most usually poorly visible. These „blind spots“ often lead to consequential damage especially when manoeuvring. The MAN Genuine Back-up camera system provides a remedy here. With it the driver can see in the back just as well as in front. The entire vehicle situation including side insights is completely manageable. The vehicle display shows high-contrast images, optionally with the display of reversing guide lines. Regardless of whether truck or van TGE. Solo-truck, with trailer or semitrailer, the flexible modular principle allows a wide variety of applications.

Fitting for

TGE all chassis
TGL all
TGM all
TGS all
TGX all

Application possibilities

  • Back-up cameras
  • Front view cameras
  • Adapter cables (for view on MMT/MMV)
  • Adapter cables with ECU (for up to four cameras on the MMT)
  • External monitor 7: for the use of up to four cameras
  • Connection cables in various lengths
  • Trailer-/ Semitrailer connector cables

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