MAN TeleMatics® – overview

MAN TeleMatics®

MAN TeleMatics® goes MAN DigitalServices

With MAN DigitalServices, you will receive customised digital solutions for your MAN vehicles. The main advantage: a real-time overview of vehicle data and analyses no matter where you are and recommended actions tailored to your vehicle. Book MAN DigitalServices right now via the MAN Marketplace on the RIO platform.

MAN TeleMatics® on the iPhone

MAN TeleMatics® app

The new MAN TeleMatics® app for iPhone® and iPad® shows you important data about the use of your vehicles. You have complete control of your fleet at all times – even when you are not in the office (Apple®, iPhone® and iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.).


Are you an existing customer or interested in our services? Fleet efficiency affects everyone!

For customers

As an existing customer, you will already be familiar with our MAN TeleMatics® service and will have used this smart solution to reduce your costs and increase efficiency in your fleet. Even though TeleMatics® is now becoming MAN DigitalServices... nothing about your selected solution will change! And we will continue to be at your disposal as a contact partner for questions, suggestions, advice and innovative, new solutions until the end of your MAN TeleMatics contract. If you need to get in touch, please contact our MAN DigitalServices information hotline (00800 MDIGITAL - 634 448 25, workdays from 08:00 to 17:00). You can find information about the MAN TeleMatics® app here.

For those interested in our services

Are you looking for services to optimise your fleet that are both functional and user-friendly? Then find out more about our MAN DigitalServices at Or register for the MAN Marketplace right away on the RIO platform, where you can directly book our digital services exclusive to your MAN vehicle.
You can find our digital services exclusive to your MAN vehicle in the MAN Marketplace. Our services are categorised as follows: Basic services and services for maintenance management, services for optimising vehicle analysis and performance and services for improving driver performance. MAN DigitalServices helps you to use your MAN more economically, safely and comfortably than ever before. Come and pay us a visit!

MAN TeleMatics® – your key to an efficient fleet

MAN TeleMatics® goes MAN DigitalServices

Goodbye MAN TeleMatics®, hello MAN DigitalServices: even more telematic services for you. Since the summer of 2017, all Euro 6c MAN trucks have been fitted with the new on-board telematics module, the RIO Box*, as standard. The sale of MAN TeleMatics was discontinued at the end of 2017. Existing contracts continue to apply and will be carried out in full. We are the first manufacturer to work in close collaboration with our partner RIO in order to enable networking of the entire transportation ecosystem. On the open, manufacturer-independent and cloud-based RIO platform, you will gain access to all digital and vehicle-specific services from MAN DigitalServices, logistics services from RIO and other services from additional providers – one online platform for booking all services. MAN TeleMatics® goes MAN DigitalServices simply means: smart optimisation of transportation and logistics thanks to even more service offers on the RIO platform.

Further information is available on our website or via our MAN DigitalServices hotline from Monday to Friday from 08:00–17:00 or via our contact form.

*RIO Box is standard for MAN Euro 6c trucks as of August 2017, TBM2 is RIO compatible; for TBM1 please contact the information hotline (0800 - 22 55 07 46)

System requirements
In order to use the digital services, your company and your vehicles must be registered on the RIO By registering, you activate data transmission via your RIO Box and thereby enable the free basic RIO Essentials service. You can then book or purchase additional digital services free of charge. For the MAN TGE, the RIO Box can be optionally ordered from model year 2019. TeleMatic on-board module 1 and 2 is not relevant to the MAN TGE

RIO Box: As of 01/08/2017, standard in all Euro 6c MAN Trucks.
On-board telematics module 2: MAN TeleMatics® services will continue to be available in the usual form and via the usual access points until the agreed contract end date. Migration to the RIO platform either via the connector or through retrofitting of the RIO Box, as requested.
On-board telematics module 1: For more information about the possibilities for connecting your TBM1 vehicles, contact the information hotline (0800 - 22 55 07 46)