Ladder frame

Ladder frame

For the transport of ladders or other long items (timber, pipes etc.), an optional painted ladder frame can be installed on the platform loading surface, which also offers front wall protection.


  • Dimensions in mm (L x W x H): 100 x 2.030 x 1.600
  • Weight of ladder rack: 40 kg
  • Load capacity: max 150 kg
  • Ladder frame material: steel rack, painted

Part numbers

  • 65.65615-6000 Assembly, front wall attachment for ladder transport
  • 65.65615-6001 Platform gate support

Fitting for

TGE all

Additional information

The painted rack ensures the secure transport of ladders and other long objects that are longer than the loading surface. The robust front wall protective guard provides optimal protection for the cab.
Retrofitting painted ladder frames at the front together with the front wall protection grille is only possible with MAN Original platform bodies.

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