Retrofit Side camera system (SCS)

Turn off the blind spot.
It happens every single day: Pedestrians and cyclists unconsciously go into danger, because on crossings they are in the blind spot of turning trucks. Again and again it comes to avoidable accidents. The most sensible investment: a Side camera system. Thanks to this Side camera system the driver can see if pedestrians or cyclists are within the blind spot.


A on the passenger side affixed 150° wide-angle camera provides an optimum view into that area, that was before the blind spot. Switching on takes place automatically when you use your turning signal or over a switch. There are two versions to choose from:

  • Side camera system with separate monitor
  • View on an external 7“-monitor within the vicinity of the A-frame (passenger side).The driver has the kerb side mirror, the Wideangle mirror and the camera monitor in the same field of vision

The necessary pre-requisitions for this:

  • Radio MAN Media Truck Advanced 12 V with 7“-Display
  • MAN Camera View-preparation rear camera & camera 2

Part numbers

  • 81.27604-6002 Retrofit kit with display on MMT
  • 81.27604-6001 Retrofit kit with separate Monitor

Fitting for

TGL ab Euro 6
TGM ab Euro 6

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