MAN ServiceContracts

MAN ServiceContracts

Your benefits

  • Individual service, flat-rate fee
  • Reduce costs and increase vehicle availability
  • The perfect solution for every requirement

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A contract is a promise.

You have our word. And our service. Security is important in any relationship, but especially those that involve business. Security means minimising risks.

Minimising risks

In the transport sector, risks include unexpected repair costs or vehicle breakdowns. MAN ServiceContracts protect you from these risks and from cost uncertainties by offering you a range of services that integrates all service and inspection work and can be expanded to suit your individual needs.

Lightening your administrative workload

With MAN ServiceContracts, your vehicles are professionally supported by 1300 MAN service centres across Europe. MAN ServiceContracts also lighten your workload with regard to administration, allowing you to focus more on your core business and meaning you no longer have to worry about fluctuating maintenance and service costs. This is our promise to you.

The perfect solution for you, guaranteed

MAN ServiceContracts aim to reduce costs and increase vehicle availability. It is possible to adapt MAN ServiceContracts to suit the customer’s precise individual requirements by using the different modules in combination with one another.

With MAN ServiceContracts, you can select the specification that’s right for you, guaranteeing maximum protection with minimum expense.


All the services and inspection work listed in your vehicle’s maintenance plan are already included in this flat rate.


In addition to the services covered by the Comfort service contract, ComfortProtect covers all wear-and-tear repairs and complete vehicle repairs. This contract offers comprehensive coverage for all of your vehicle’s expensive components.


In addition to the services included in the ComfortProtect service contract, ComfortSuper also comes with an Extended Warranty. This is based on the driveline guarantee, which can be supplemented with the optional extension package or, alternatively, extended to a complete vehicle guarantee.

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Because we’re 100% certain. MAN TopUsed is our range of used commercial vehicles, which only differ from our new vehicles in one aspect: they have been driven before. These vehicles are technically in perfect condition and have been thoroughly and rigorously tested.

Specific service contracts and guarantee extensions are also available for MAN TopUsed vehicles and are valid without limitation, such as the driveline guarantee with a duration of up to 24 months and a total distance of up to 1,000,000 kilometres. By the way: when purchasing a MAN TopUsed vehicle with a quality seal of the highest category, the driveline guarantee is included in the purchase price.

Your benefits at a glance

Planning and calculation security

No surprises: MAN ServiceContracts protect you from financial surprises by considerably reducing the risk of you having to pay out for unplanned repairs for older vehicles. More profit: optimum adjustment of vehicle technology means significantly less fuel consumption.

‘One-stop shop’ – everything from a single source

Short processes, one contact person, complete service – everything you need including servicing, invoice management and answering questions relating to guarantees and goodwill. We take care of everything so that you can focus on what’s important: your job.

Optimum vehicle condition

By professionals for professionals. Specialist maintenance and repair by qualified MAN workshop staff, using exclusively MAN Genuine Parts and MAN Genuine Parts ecoline, guarantees the utmost safety and functionality for your MAN vehicle.

Reduction of downtimes

Advanced planning and preventative repairs are essential for achieving significantly higher operational safety for MAN vehicles. Optimised availability results in cost savings and greater efficiency – less downtime, more profit.

We are here for you.

MAN is the professional partner that is always by your side: Discover more about our comprehensive range of services or contact us.

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