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  • High levels of safety thanks to the more consistent brake effect across all temperature ranges
  • Optimum driving comfort thanks to the predictable brake behaviour with consistent brake pedal pressure
  • Long service life and economic efficiency thanks to the optimum wear performance

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MAN Genuine Disc Brakes: No compromises on your safety

DEKRA product comparison test* confirms outstanding quality of MAN Genuine Parts: The combination of MAN Genuine Brake Discs and Brake Pads scores top marks in terms of brake performance and wear. So you can reach your destination safely every day.

In the DEKRA product comparison test*, our MAN Genuine Brake Pads went up against products from other manufacturers in a direct comparison. The results clearly confirm the benefits of our many years of experience and the added value that this offers in terms of safety and economic efficiency.

MAN Genuine Parts undergo the DEKRA comparison test

The DEKRA product comparison test*

A product comparison test carried out by the independent test institute DEKRA confirms the outstanding quality and performance of our MAN Genuine Brake Pads: Alongside brake pads from various other manufacturers, MAN Genuine Brake Pads were tested for performance, wear, and heat crack resistance. All three tests were performed based on generally recognised standards. The result: In all three individual tests, our brake pads clearly outperformed the tested products from other manufacturers. It is now proven - with MAN Genuine Brake Discs and Brake Pads in your MAN, you benefit from increased safety and less wear.

See for yourself: Details of the DEKRA product comparison test* and the results of the individual tests are now available in our new brochure.

The tested products:

MAN Genuine Brake Pads
Item no. 81.50820-6072
MAN Truck & Bus AG
Winkler brake pads
Part no. 327 929 059 00
Christian Winkler GmbH & Co. KG
Repstar brake pads
Part no. ME 031 50 001
TROST vehicle parts

1. The performance test

The brakes of your vehicle must be one hundred percent reliable. This is why the performance tests measure the brake output and the brake torque stability of the pads in all operating conditions. The EG fading test allows the testers to measure the chemical/physical effects of the reduction in brake output caused by an increase in operating temperature.

During the DEKRA product comparison test*, MAN Genuine Brake Pads demonstrated their stable brake torque. Even when the temperature was increased to 500°C, the maximum deviation in brake output was shown to be as low as 4.5 percent. This ensures that MAN Genuine Brake Pads deliver a categorically reliable braking effect - in any driving situation.

Deviation from the nominal brake output torque under temperature influence

2. The wear test

The service life of your brake pads directly affects the overall economic efficiency of your vehicle. It is worth noting that the test series was performed with temperature ranges of up to 300°C, which corresponds to normal operation on the road.

During the DEKRA product comparison test*, the MAN Genuine Brake Pads showed the least amount of wear when exposed to temperatures between 100°C and 300°C. However, that is not the only benefit of MAN Genuine Brake Pads: Despite an identical pad thickness, they proved to actually be lighter. The lighter weight of the pads also reduces the strain on the other components of the brake system, which means that with MAN Genuine Brake Pads you can benefit from a significant increase in service life of the entire disc brake of your vehicle.

Results of the wear test

  MAN Genuine
Brake pads
TROST Repstar
Brake pads
Brake pads
Wear at 100-300°C 6.24 mm 6.81 mm 8.80 mm

3. The heat crack test

If a brake disc in your vehicle ruptures completely, a costly replacement would be unavoidable. The chances of such a rupture occurring mostly depends on how well the brake disc and the brake pad perform together under heat influence. Uneven heat distribution between the disc and the pad leads to thermal stresses inside the brake disc and eventually to heat cracks in the disc material. Potential material fatigue of a brake disc is tested by means of a heat crack test.

In order to keep the likelihood of material fatigue occurring with your brake discs to an absolute minimum, we set extremely high standards for our disc brakes: It takes thirty successful test cycles until the heat crack test is considered to be complete. During the DEKRA product comparison test*, only the combination with MAN Genuine Brake Pads was able to reach the set target.

Results of the heat crack test

MAN brake pads

MAN genuine brake pads

Successfully completed test cycles: 30

TROST brake pad

TROST Repstar brake pad

Successfully completed test cycles: 5

Premature end of test due to disc rupture!

Winkler brake pad

Winkler brake pad

Successfully completed test cycles: 6

Premature end of test due to disc rupture!

* The tests were performed in compliance with internationally accepted standards and monitored and documented by the independent German test institute DEKRA. The documented tests are not representative. Therefore, the results cannot be generalised. The results published here correspond only to the products specifically named in the test and not to any other products available on the market. The test records of DEKRA are available at MAN Truck & Bus and can be accessed at any time.

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